Do you need help? Have you got help to offer? People are offering and asking for help all over twitter using the hashtag #legup following UK Channel 4 program The Last Leg asked people to counteract the budget cuts for the poor by helping them on your own (guerilla-style). If you’ve got a #legup to offer or need a #legup, tweet about it!

Myself, I could use a #legup with managing this site, as well as with a job in London or Surrey. I’m a 26-year-old 7-lingual PA with a lot of experience of international business looking for a job in administration or others related to international business. Feel free to tweet me about it @JohnFhager !

Alongside me are a group of wonderful volunteers who are scouring Twitter to put the offers and requests on this site to help people find them more easily. This does take a lot of time and we are trying to get every relevant tweet listed, apologies if we don’t quite catch every single one or if we post something in the wrong place. We will always try to do our best.  If you have any spare time to help us out please tweet to @SandraJJordan

Currently we only have the capacity to accept offers/requests that have been posted on Twitter with the hashtag #legup.  If you don’t have a Twitter account but still want to help or need help please try and get someone to tweet on your behalf. Unfortunately we cannot respond/deal with any direct contact.

All offers for help are voluntary and non-binding.

If you wish to be removed from the list, please tweet to @JohnFhager with your location.


Neither this website nor the volunteers working on it take any responsibility for the quality of help or any negative consequences that may occur from it.  We are not recommending anyone but are purely adding information that has been put on Twitter.  Please take the usual precautions if you are meeting someone in person or donating any money.  If you have health issues always make sure you consult with a medical professional if need be and be careful of what advice you take from someone who is not qualified.